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Why We Need Botanic Conservation Gardens More Than Before

Today we are losing plant diversity at an unprecedented rate leading to a concerning decrease in the ecosystem, this is mainly a result of destructive human activities. Some of the activities that are contributing to the destruction of the plants’ species include over-harvesting, poor forestry practices, environmental pollution, climatic changes, urbanization, and exotic invasive plant species and many other vicious human activities. There are a variety of roles plants plays to contribute to our healthy and comfortable living, plants are our main source of nutrients, oxygen, medicine and home to millions of animal species, therefore, we need to develop an integrative conservation approach that ensures we protect and maintain them especially the endangered plant species. To ensure survival and protection of endangered plant species, universities, research institutions, and private entities have turned on botanic gardens which plays a central role in protection and conservation of these plant species both for human and research purpose. There are a variety of reasons why plant botanic gardens have become popular today to learn more continue reading the article.

One of the reasons for having plant botanical gardens is to increase the world plant species biodiversity in an attempt to counter the plant cover lose that is contributed by vicious human activities and climate change, today there are over 2500 botanical gardens with over 6 million accessions of living plant, this is equivalent to a quarter of the world plant species which contribute greatly to the conservation of endangered species and diversification of plant species.

Plant botanical gardens play a key role in scientific research, for example, scientists can collect valuable plant data that can help them study plant-animal interactions, phonological indications due to climate change, plant physiology among other vital information that can help improve plant species or design new reliable methods of growing plants. Because of the variety of species plant botanic conservation have it make them a good location for many researchers to study plant functional characteristics such as trade-offs between species traits and plant performance.

Plant botanic conservation are important in/ex situ conservation and utilization, given that there estimated 6 million accessions in botanical gardens with over 80 thousand plant species it provides an excellent opportunity to understand the threatened species, furthermore the ex-situ conservation which means conservation of biological diversity from their natural habitat has contributed greatly in protection, maintaining and support of threatened plant species. Those are some of the main reasons why botanical gardens are emerging today, other important reasons include the desire to spread awareness to the public about threatened plant species and the importance of protecting the earth’s plant covers.

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