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What Are the Rules of The Amazing Race?

All the teams that are involved in the amazing race are supposed to abide by the rules. Before you engage in any game; it is recommended that you find out what their rules are. You are at the risk of being penalized in the case you do not abide by the rules of the game. The position that you finish at can be negatively affected in the case you are penalized by the service provider. In regard to this game, there are many rules. The following are the most common rules that you should know.

The first rule is about the distance you are required to keep while you are in the game. The distance from each team is supposed to be at least 20 feet. Depending on the nature of the game and condition, the distance can be altered. At all the time, you’re supposed to stay near the camera and the sound crew. Unless otherwise stated, the camera crew is supposed to be accommodated by the transport team.

During the game, participants are prohibited from contacting their friends, family or acquaintance. in some instances, you can be given one opportunity of calling them, but from there you should not contact them again. Situations that may allow you to contact the people who are not in the game is when there is an emergency. If for instance, the health of one of the member is deteriorating, you have the justification of calling your friends or family. During the game, you may get the help of the locals. The locals who help you in the process of navigation are supposed to appear on the camera footage. It is essential that you understand the rules that relate to getting help from the locals.

Anther rule that is allowed is teamwork. There are situations that may force teams to be working together. However, there are limitations on when teams may work together. It is vital to note that team are not allowed to hinder the performance of the other one. This was the rule even when the hindrance was not intended. Some of the things that you should avoid is the alteration of the equipment for the other team or using the car that was solely designed to be used by the other team.

While in the game, no one is supposed to have money or credit card with them. Other things that you should not have are the moas, camera, phones, GPS units, and books. What is necessary for the race will be provided before the game starts. In the case you need to make a call, you will be assisted on how to borrow phones from the locals. Also, the team are allowed to barter or sell the things they have acquired during the game.

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